What my clients are saying…

Kieran Drew

Everything I needed to hear.

I hired a course expert, Craig Shoemaker, to tear apart High Impact Writing.

His feedback was everything I needed to hear. The feedback from customers has been overwhelmingly positive, but I wasn’t happy with the quality. I’ve heard that an excellent product can be a massive business catalyst and I wanted to nail it.

Kieran Drew

Jon Brosio

More clarity, better strategy, and higher sales.

That’s what I experienced working with Craig and what you can expect as well.

My first launch with Craig resulted in my highest launch to date: $20,000 during Black Friday (when competition is highest – mind you).

He helped with creating clarity on my offer, outlining a clear strategy for launch and again- that helped with higher sales of my course.

He says, “you have a 6-figure course trapped inside you, let’s build it together”.

And that’s exactly what you get.

Jon Brosio

Jess Mota

Craig is on the cutting edge of course creation.

Putting a course together isn’t as easy as creating some slides and hitting record.

There’s a ton that goes on behind the scenes. I mean a TON. Forget doing it yourself.

Take it from me – you’re going to work with Craig if you want to ENSURE am evergreen, profitable course.

Jess Mota