Craig Shoemaker

developer, author, podcast host, and collector of the puns


Over the years I have published a number of Pluralsight courses, written for Code Magazine and MSDN, hosted the Polymorphic Podcast, co-authored a few books for Wrox Press, been featured in Ajax Design Patterns, and somehow got my name in the credits of a cheezy independent film.


As a Senior Content Developer for Microsoft, I stay pretty busy with Azure-related work, but I have my hand in a few other areas as well.

Azure Development in Node.js

My current role at Microsoft includes responsibilites that surround interfacing with Azure using Node.js, although I find my way into Angular, React and Vue as well from time to time.

Azure Active Directory

At the moment I am on a bit of a mission to help make Azure Active Directory a better experience for all developers.

Pluralsight Course Refresh

In the in between spaces I am working toward updating one of my Pluralsight courses, HTML5 Advanced Topics.

Visual Studio Code

While I have yet to contributions of any sort, I've recently been spelunking around the Visual Studio Code repository in hopes of one day getting a pull request accepted :)


Craig Shoemaker

The best way to get a hold of me is to contact me on Twitter or open an issue on one of my repositories on GitHub.