The following is a roundup of a number of projects I have worked on over the years.


Writing docs for Microsoft Azure includes a number of different disciplines and processes. As we publish articles, the content needs to be evaluated against the established writing standards. In an effort to help make a better experience for writers, I created the Spinefeed family of tools:

  • Spinefeed Function: At the heart of Spinefeed is an Azure Functions app that holds the logic for evaluating content and providing feedback in a number of different formats.
  • Spinefeed Extension: To provide an instant feedback loop to writers, the Visual Studio Code extension runs Spinefeed right where it counts - in the writing environment.
  • Spinefeed Website: The website is here to serve customers who want to issue a PR, or writers who may be making quick changes and need a simple interface to Spinefeed.
  • Spinefeed Client: Sometimes you want to inspect an entire folder of articles. Spinefeed's client app allows you to evaluate docs in batches.


Some tutorials in the Azure Docs require you to build up lengthy bash scripts to run on the command line. CommandMate helps you keep track of placeholders and replacement variables to make the experience of going through a long-form tutorial a bit easier.

Where Are You?

If you're looking to learn a bit about the HTML 5 Geolocation API, the Where Are You? demo application can help you see what the API returns as you change locations.


During my tenure at Infragistics, I lead an effort to convert all our help documentation from a proprietary content format into AsciiDoc. Livewire emerged as a custom help topics editor specialized for Infragistics' build tag and variable demands.


Tripwire is the front-end website help topics viewer I architected for Infragistics's help documentation. (The code is now closed source, but the running version is here.)


AlwaysNote is a demo application I build to accompany the Code Magazine article, "Build an HTML5 Offline Application with Application Cache, Web Storage and ASP.NET MVC".


VMWorkshop is an experiment in implementing many different UI layers with the Model View ViewModel and Presentation Model pattern.