As Documentation Architect for Infragistics, I am working on a number of interesting projects at the moment:

  • Livewire: A custom help topics editor created specifically for Infragistics' AsciiDoc and Markdown help topics. The editor is written in Electron and is a lot of fun to develop.

  • Convertwire: An automated conversion process that converts documents in a proprietary file format into AsciiDoc for Infragistics help topics. This project is rewarding as the converter is able to process many thousands of topics (with sometimes very interesting source code) and produce clean output.


I always have more ideas than I have time for, but at the moment I am working on:


  • Technology: React, Angular and JavaScript

  • Storytelling: I am always looking to hone my storytelling skills as applied to teaching technical concepts. This comes out in my talks and courses and is recently influenced by Nancy Duarte's book Resonate.


The bands/artists I am into lately include:


The only podcast I've been paying much attention to lately is The Tim Ferriss Show. Although I do miss listening to Cold Case Christianity, This American Life and Planet Money - oh and Invisibilia is really good too.